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Kingmei Refined Rice Bran Oil

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Kingmei refined Rice bran oil is made from the bran(husk) of a piece of rice. The oil is extracted from this husk, it has a mild flavor and taste. Rice bran oil is known for its high smoke point that is the reason it is most commonly used in high temperature cooking methods like stir-frying and deep frying. This oil is most commonly used in Asian countries because rice is already a staple food here. It is also becoming popular in other countries because of its high nutritional values and is known as the World’s healthiest edible oil.


  • Rice Bran Oil has a balanced amount of mono-unsaturated, poly-unsaturated and saturated fats. It is also considered heart-friendly oil that can help improve your good cholesterol.
  • Rice bran oil contains a vitamin E complex, antioxidants and other micronutrients to help fight free radicals and combat the effects of aging.
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  • The viscosity (thickness) of rice bran oil is very light. This means that foods cooked with rice bran oil can absorb up to 20% less oil. Less oil absorbed results in reduced calories, better, lighter tasting food and enhanced flavor and palatability.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol) is directly connected to the health and wellness of the skin. Free radicals can attack the skin cells and increase the signs of premature aging.
  • Rice bran oil can increase your levels of vitamin E, which can speed up wound healing, increase cellular regeneration, smoothen the skin, reduce wrinkles, and provide protection from sunburn.
  • Rice bran oil is hypoallergenic in nature. The oil will not cause any allergic reactions when used in cooking, and can also calm existing allergic reaction in the body. It can also prevent hyper sensitivity to other unusual allergens.
  • One of the substances in rice bran might decrease calcium absorption; this might help reduce the formation of certain types of kidney stones.

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