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Eco Fresh Organic Kabuli Chana, 500g

Eco Fresh Organic Kabuli Chana

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  • Packed With Nutrients.
  • May Help Keep Your Appetite Under Control.
  • Rich in Plant-Based Protein.
  • May Help You Manage Your Weight.
  • Support Blood Sugar Control.
  • May Benefit Digestion.
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Kabuli chana or white chickpeas from ECO FRESH organic are big in size and excellent to taste. Kabuli chana is used to make the delectable chole, a spicy gravy from the punjabi cuisine. In north India, channa bhatura is a very famous breakfast and meal dish that is prepared on a large scale. It is free from unwanted and hazardous side effect of pesticides and is a totally organic product. ECO FRESH organic brings the best of variety kabuli chana varieties to you. Additionally, chickpeas contain vitamin K, folate, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese, choline, and selenium. Besides being an excellent vegan and gluten-free source of protein and fiber, chickpeas also contain exceptional levels of iron,vitamin B-6, and magnesium.


Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

The glycemic index of chickpeas is 28, which is on the lower end. And that’s one reason it doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels. There’s some preliminary research that shows that individuals taking chickpeas can lower their risk of diabetes (1). Consuming chickpeas in the place of wheat can also lead to lower postprandial blood glucose levels. And chickpeas are also rich in fiber – one nutrient that slows down the absorption of blood sugar, thereby cutting the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Help Lose Weight

The fiber makes this very obvious. It is going to make you feel full for long periods. And that is going to help you stay away from junk and other useless stuff. In fact, chickpeas might also help cut body fat – contributing to weight loss. Another nutrient we must talk about is protein, which is known to regulate weight.

Boost Digestive Health

It’s the fiber in the garbanzo beans, again. It helps prevent constipation and promotes regularity. The fiber also acts as a bulking agent in the digestive system, thereby improving the overall digestive health. More importantly, fiber also helps balance the pH levels and the healthy gut bacteria. It also reduces the number of unhealthy bacteria in the gut.

Improve Heart

Chickpeas contain potassium, fiber, and vitamins C and B6 – all of which support heart health. The fiber helps lower the total cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of heart disease. It also removes plaque from the arteries and improves their health. This, in turn, benefits the heart.

Rich In Important Nutrients

Chickpeas are also good sources of magnesium, manganese, zinc, and iron. They also contain good amounts of B vitamins and vitamin A (as beta-carotene). The magnesium, manganese, and B vitamins (vitamin B6) help deal with the symptoms of PMS. Magnesium and manganese, along with zinc, contribute to bone health as well.

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