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What is iTumm?

iTumm is a Marketplace platform looking to partner with local Offline stores and retailers like you, transform your business from offline to online, market it and connect with buyers who are not just local but also national and international.

What Defines your success?

Success is defined by the questions you ask.

Most people often raise the question as to what benefit someone is going to have by partnering with them but the successful one’s ask as to what benefits they are going to have.

iTumm is a relatively new platform to the Indian ecommerce arena and we want quality sellers who will partner with us and have a strong will to succeed because when you win so do we.

What does iTumm Provide if we partner with you?

Being curious and getting interested to sell on iTumm is the first right step, all you are required to do is signup for a vendor account and we will work with you and setup your online store on iTumm.

What benefits is iTumm going to provide sellers?

We will work with you closely and help you setup your online presence through iTumm, provide you with professional equipment and personnel to photograph your products, guide with the product listings and once fully setup we will market your products and provide you with logistics support, shipping supplies and more, all of this for little to no cost for you and if you are able to support your business with local orders then we will let you use our platform for Free on all COD orders.

What type of products or sellers is iTumm looking for?

We are looking for quality sellers with all different types of products in multiple categories like Food, Electronics, Toys, Health care, Clothing, Fashion, FMCG, Groceries, Kiran Stores, Computers, Construction etc..

Say No more, I am interested, how do I get started?

Awesome, we commend you on spotting this opportunity before others did. You can begin the sign up process by clicking Become a Seller button below. Please provide us with all your details and verify your phone number, once the registration is completed we will contact you soon and discuss with you on the onboarding process.

Click the below button to create a new Seller account with us.