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Who are We

Our journey began in New York in 2004 when iTumm’s founder Balaji decided to embrace the relatively young innovation of e-commerce as a platform for his customised belts and buckles store. The online store was a great success, but at the time we couldn’t have imagined just how much of an influencing force it would become. Not only was it a trailblazer for the way these types of niche products were sold, but the astounding number of orders from its launch and thereafter, inspired Balaji to develop a concept that would cater to the growing demand for accessible, economical and efficient e-commerce. It wasn't an easy journey, but every success and even failure, was a valuable lesson and one more building block in the strong foundation of iTumm.

In November 2016, Balaji was on one of his regular visits to India and he noticed that numerous giant foreign retailers and some large investment groups were pouring their money into campaigns in an attempt to entice an Indian customer base to their e-commerce networks. He was pleased to see such a giant leap towards a new era of commerce in India, but upon scratching the surface, he realised that despite rapid growth, the chaotic logistics, higher product prices and poor service were all symptoms of an infrastructure that couldn’t match that of more developed nations.

Balaji decided to move back to India and develop an e-commerce platform that would eventually connect every business to their local, national and international customers, delivering products to their doorsteps in the shortest period of time. He compiled a team of professionals and together we set out to launch a project that would revolutionise Indian e-commerce- a platform named iTumm.

Many vendors and partners such as Lighthouse quickly recognised the potential of iTumm and took their place alongside us as the first contributors to a project determined to become the regions’ most successful e-commerce platform. We currently operate from a head office and a fully equipped warehouse in ECIL, Secunderabad, representing a select range of products and services. The next chapter of our story is an exciting one, as we branch out into new product ranges and locations.

Why the name iTumm?

Balaji is someone who understands the importance of brand synergy and wanted to implement the “i” prefix traditionally used in the majority of the names of his businesses. As this was a particularly personal project and a vision close to his heart and his homeland, he wanted to make everyone in the company and on the platform feel like a family. So he gave it a personal touch, as one would to their child, in the form of his surname. The result was a play on words, turning the first 4 letters of his surname (Tamm) into the name “iTumm”, referencing the word “item”.

Every Journey starts with a single step and with that first step, iTumm.com a truly Indian Company was born.

Our family is growing with each day and iTumm is well on its way to developing a marketplace in India that delivers millions of items to customers around the world.

iTumm’s Goals:

  • To connect local businesses to a large audience by providing a personal service to every business and customers through our platform.
  • To enable every business to create their own unique webstore through iTumm’s platform.
  • To bring top quality products to the buyers doorstep within the shortest period of time in a cost effective approach while aiming to raise the bar for quality service.

Our Vision:

To develop, in the foreseeable future, a platform where products ordered by our buyers are delivered to them in a matter of hours from anywhere in the country.